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World's Most Advanced Class 1 Raceboat


How do you build the first Class 1 Skater Powerboats offshore racing catamaran in more than 20 years when delays are piling up each day and the completion deadline for its first race isn’t flexible? You go to work and never look up until the job is complete. Get an inside look at the Monster Energy/M CON Racing, Performance Boat Center and Skater Powerboats teams as they take this miraculous build from start to finish. And when you’re done, check out In The Lead with M CON’s Tyler Miller,

00:00 Intro
00:13 History of M CON Racing
00:52 Class 1
02:27 Monster Energy Sponsorship
03:41 M CON Underground
04:02 P1 Creating the Sponsorship
04:35 Skater Powerboats
07:47 Skaterfest
08:33 Standardizing Drives
11:31 Mercury Racing 1100 Racing Engines
13:56 Boat Arrives to Missouri
15:28 Early Days of Performance Boat Center
16:20 Pressure of Rigging
24:48 Gear Box Issues
26:30 First Water Test
31:29 Credits


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