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The Russian Federation is altering the payment of soldiers from various battalions to prevent recruits from signing up for money and then deserting their duty. 

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) previously reported that 40 servicemen from the Chuvash ”Atal” volunteer battalion complained that they had not received their promised enlistment bonuses and post-training period payments. 

In it’s latest intelligence report, the ISW confirmed the Republic of Bashkortostan said recruits will receive their one-time enlistment payment of 200,000 rubles (approximately £2,000) but the funds will be frozen until 90 days after their enlistment.

The Republic of Bashkortostan also noted that recruits will receive their daily payments of 2,000 rubles (approximately £26) for service after their training at the end of each month.

 New battalions such as Saratov Oblast’s two unnamed units advertised that the recruits will receive enlistment bonuses of 150,000 rubles (approximately £1,900) after three months of service.

The ISW concluded: “The federal subjects are likely trying to prevent Russian recruits from obtaining the enlistment payments and deserting prior to deploying to Ukraine.”

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