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The Maryland Mortgage Program and More. Here's an UPDATE!


The real estate market is changing and with it the buying power of many first time home buyers have been impacted. Real estate for the last 11 years was gravy, ‘buy when you want to rates will always be low.’ That quickly changes and believe it or not we’ll be here the next 5+ years (that’s just what the data shows)

The first video that I made on the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) went through the grant types and why buying in such a low rate environment makes sense. There’s still programs but it matters more than ever who you use as your realtor. How do you get more assistance to buy now and refinance later?

Times have changes and many buyers still want to move forward and here’s how you can do just that. Buying a home in Maryland comes with a host of programs and I cover more than just the MMP this time. Be sure to watch the entire video. More programs, more options, the sooner you can buy a home.

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