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Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books


History is a strange thing. In many cases, the only things we know about history are things that have been captured in photos or in books. While written history can be manipulated, photos seem to be the only things that can truthfully inform us of the past.

▬Contents of this video▬
00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Salvador Dali (1953)
02:27 – The Titanic (1912)
05:38 – Montana (1901)
06:02 – Giza (1870s)
08:59 – Zero Gravity (1958)
10:18 -La Tour Eiffel (1932)
10:41 – Going for a Stroll (1938)
11:28 – Audrey Hepburn (1958)
12:40 – Space Chimp (1961)
13:05 – Swimsuits (1922)
13:30 – Military Tradition (1952)
14:30 – Read All About it (1912)
14:52 – Elvis Presley (1958)

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You’ll see many of these photos in history books. However, some of these photos are NOT appropriate for history books, and as a result, you may never see them. Until today! We’ve found the inappropriate photos from history and we’re going to show you them and discuss why they are not found in history books.

Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books


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