How Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romance Has Affected His Family

However, Jason also acknowledged how Kylie, 32, has seen the positives in the family’s newfound fame—specifically in how she can help others. 

“She enjoys the fact that she gets to go and do charitable outings,” he explained. “She gets to give back to the community. She gets to do clinics with little girls for field hockey and all these other things. She enjoys that aspect of it.”

And while the 36-year-old admitted that he and his wife don’t always love being approached when they’re out in public, especially when the interaction isn’t positive, he emphasized that “the vast majority of people are beyond respectful and appreciative and you realize we’re in a position of great fortune to be where we’re at.”

As for how Jason thinks Travis is handling it all? “I think he’s stayed true to himself,” Jason shared. “He’s humble. He treats everyone with the utmost respect, like they’re equals, regardless of who they are.”

For his own part, Travis has vocalized that while his new level of fame is unprecedented, he isn’t fighting the alchemy when it comes to his relationship with Taylor. 

“I’ve never dealt with it,” Travis told WSJ. Magazine in November. “But at the same time, I’m not running away from any of it.”

He also praised Taylor’s ability to handle a scene when the couple is out there in plain sight. 

“The scrutiny she gets, how much she has a magnifying glass on her, every single day, paparazzi outside her house, outside every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off, and she’s just living, enjoying life,” he gushed. “When she acts like that I better not be the one acting all strange.”

Keep reading to see why a love like Taylor and Travis’ only happens every few lifetimes.

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