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Hemel Hempstead locations – High Street Green


This is the playing field area at High Street Green, Hemel Hempstead, it’s bordered by the High Street Green road, Briery Way and Maylands Woods which has Mark Road, part of the Maylands Avenue industrial estate to the east. This was filmed in 2010, if you’re watching this in 2020 there will probably be flats built on it like every other spare piece of land in Hemel. The playing fields has a childrens play area, three football pitches during the season and a cricket pitch during the summer. There is a small changing room building and a car park. At the pathway which leads through Maylands Woods to Mark Road, the Maylands Gateway project has provided a number of picnic style tables and seating area, presumably for local industrial estate workers to use and enjoy the area, however either one or more idiots has decided these would be improved by covering the area with graffiti, and we’re not talking about Banksy standard works of art, just some mindless scrawling. The panting and heavy breathing picked up on the audio isnt me, i’m not that worked up and excited by the view, it’s my dog.


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