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Discontinued Costco Products That Made A Big Comeback


Costco taketh away, but Costco also giveth back. From sweet, sweet pastries to savory and nutty snacks, these are the disappearing Costco products that made a big comeback.

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Almond Poppyseed Muffins | 0:00
Kirkland Signature Organic Creamy Peanut Butter | 1:13
Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls | 2:34
Churros | 3:53
Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes | 5:02
Lemon Cheesecake | 6:22
Kirkland Signature Honey Mustard Snack Mix | 7:33
All-American Chocolate Cake | 8:55
Kirkland Signature Cocoa Dusted Almonds | 10:23
Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee | 11:50

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