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Cost of Living Dallas – All Questions Answered (+Free Gift)


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The answers to best places to live Dallas, best schools in Dallas, average house price in Dallas ($250k – $1.2mil), and studies on the total cost of living in Dallas-fort worth are covered to help those moving to Dallas Texas.

As crazy as it sounds, Dallas housing prices surged after the blow to the pandemic by 30% in 2020 with the highest in sales and construction activity in over a decade.

Don’t forget this: 2016 (North Texas) average house price in Dallas was $245,509 and has increased nearly 53%.

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00:01:06 Job Market and Economy
00:03:03 Median Household Income
00:03:58 Utility Cost
00:07:29 Groceries
00:07:51 Childcare
00:08:12 Property Taxes
00:11:18 Homeowner’s Insurance | Flood Insurance
00:14:30 Healthcare
00:15:31 Transportation
00:21:37 Pools
00:23:48 Rent
00:25:55 What Your Money Can Get You (Avg House Price in Dallas)
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What you must know before your leap moving to Dallas is this: no one anticipates how competitive our real estate market is here. Yes––the cost of living in Dallas is about 50% less than the urban coastal cities like New York and San Francisco.

Corporations have relocated to north Texas.

As a result, you get a massive metropolitan area home to more than 7.5 million people that creates a land lush in one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation so out-of-state people (including investment groups) enter Dallas’ hot real estate market ready to compete.


Out of state investors seek Dallas for its Opportunity Zone deals in the multifamily sector to house the influx of people moving to Dallas because builders cannot build homes fast enough. Simply put: the land is scarce. The hike in population growth means increased dirt value which ultimately proves the increase in property taxes in Dallas by storm.

Obviously, the Dallas job market is absolutely dazzling due to corporations relocating, but people find the cost of living in Dallas-fort worth more affordable. The big question: what’s the cost of living in Dallas vs Houston?

Transportation and lifestyle experience are huge factors.

“When we think about new markets and what makes the most sense, there are a few things that we look for. One is demographic trend and one is job growth and creation… Dallas really fits the bill with both of those key parameters,” said Max Friedman, partner at Banyan Residential (A California-based investment group that is spending +$120 million on development corked in North Dallas).

Some straight talk about moving to Dallas Texas pros and cons are solely dependent on what’s most important to you since the average house price in Dallas varies by location.

Newcomers rave about affordability, but the best part of living in Dallas Texas is the social scene and its amazing culture.

Even better:

No state income or inheritance tax!

So what are the worst things about living in Dallas?

Or even better, US News reports both singles and young families engulf the Dallas area. Professionals overwhelm the city while families elect for the surrounding suburbs.

So what are the best places to live in Dallas?

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