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City Youth Matrix hosts woodworking workshop with Frederick Police Department | WDVM25 & DCW50


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — City Youth Matrix hosts a 4-week woodworking series in partnership with Frederick Police Department.

“As a longtime public education teacher myself and still doing that, we recognize the need to connect children with these opportunities and remove the barriers that exist,” said Aaron Vetter, Founder and Executive Director of City Youth Matrix.

City Youth Matrix is a nonprofit that works with underprivileged children and families, providing resources and extracurricular activities. Police Chief Jason Lando says this gives the kids a chance to see police officers as human beings and outside their normal element. From drivers to family liaisons, City Youth Matrix thinks they couldn’t keep their program going without the help of volunteers. For example, the woodworking workshop is led by Lieutenant John Corbett, who learned the trade from his father.  

“The woodworking is merely a vehicle for teaching kids how to use their hands so that they can problem-solve and fix problems themselves,” said Lt. John Corbett, Commander, FPD Special Operations Division. 

City Youth Matrix also believes in building networks for children that provide them with a better future. A meal is always offered before activity at every workshop to help out families and provide a bonding opportunity. 

“There’s a lot of kids who don’t have dads who could teach them how to make stuff, so the fact that people could come here to learn how to make stuff just really makes me happy,” said Liam Kalbskopf, 9-year-old Woodworker.

For more information about City Youth Matrix, click here.

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