911: Lonestar – Major Cast Member Exits, could Season 5 be the Last?

Production on the fifth season of 9-1-1: Lone Star is currently underway, but the show might be nearing its final chapter. Amid ongoing speculation, the departure of series regular Sierra McClain has sparked concerns among fans and industry insiders about the future of the popular first-responder drama.

Cast Exit Fuels Speculation

Sierra McClain, who has been a staple on the show, quietly left following some drama surrounding cast renegotiations. Her exit comes at a pivotal time for the series, which is facing uncertainty regarding its renewal. McClain’s departure has added fuel to the speculation that Season 5 could be the series’ swan song.

Social Media Hints

The rumors gained traction when Robyn Lively, who recurs as Marlene Harris, hinted on social media that the upcoming season could be the last. “So excited to be a part of @911lonestar’s final season!! What a ride it’s been!,” Lively wrote in a post she later deleted. This sentiment has been echoed by other cast members, some of whom are already exploring new opportunities.

Network Uncertainty

Fox Entertainment CEO Rob Wade recently indicated that the network hoped to make a renewal decision after observing the performance of Season 5 this fall. However, with the cast’s contracts set to expire on July 19 and no extension in sight, it appears increasingly likely that the series’ fate will be sealed before then.

Behind-the-Scenes Struggles

Negotiations for higher salaries have reportedly been a significant point of contention. Representatives for the cast first approached 20th Television two years ago, seeking raises ahead of Season 4. Despite the customary practice of renegotiating contracts for successful series, the studio deferred these discussions until after Season 4. When actors attempted to revisit the topic a year later, the studio declined, citing the recent strikes as a complicating factor. Eventually, the cast was offered bonuses as a final measure, but McClain chose to part ways instead.

Future Prospects

While there is still some hope within the network to find a way to keep 9-1-1: Lone Star going, most signs point to Season 5 being its final chapter. The main cast has been operating under the assumption that the show would end, sharing this expectation privately among themselves since late last year. Many have begun auditioning for new projects, preparing for the show’s potential conclusion.

Rob Lowe’s Unique Position

Rob Lowe, who plays the leading role and serves as an executive producer, holds a unique position within the series. With a first-look deal with 20th Television and his involvement in other projects with Fox, Lowe’s future with 9-1-1: Lone Star might differ from that of his co-stars. Reports suggest that Lowe would be willing to return if Fox decides to revive the show after the cast’s contracts expire.


As production continues on what might be the final season of 9-1-1: Lone Star, fans are left in a state of anticipation and uncertainty. The departure of Sierra McClain and the unresolved contract negotiations hint at an impending end, but until official announcements are made, the show’s fate remains in limbo. For now, viewers can only hope for a satisfying conclusion to a beloved series that has captured hearts and minds since its debut.

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