Wall Genie Harnesses the Power of AI to Create a Beautiful iPhone Wallpaper

After download the app, you can get right to work creating a wallpaper. You can choose the style, color, and elements. Then with one tap, your unique wallpaper is available to use. Along with keeping it to yourself, you can also share it with the community.

In the community, you can upvote wallpapers you like and see some of the most popular options.

With an eye on privacy, there are no ads tracking, or sign-in needed.

The app offers some fun Siri Shortcuts You can say “Siri, save the latest free wallpaper” and the most recent option will automatically be adde to your Photo Library. It also supports custom Photo Albums so the results can be added into a specific folder for quick and easy access. You can full customize the Shortcuts as you see fit.

Wall Genie is a free download now on the App Store. You’ll need a subscription to make the most out of the app including community sharing and the ability to download all shared wallpapers. There are two options available.

For $1.99 weekly, you can unlock the Starter subscription that provides up to 10 images per week. The Pro subscription, which is $9.99 per month, provides up to 75 images per month.

Every 7th uploaded community wallpaper is free to download for all users.

I used the app to create a few wallpapers, and the results were really stunning. The community is also another great way to see what others are creating.

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