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Ultimate Autographs Live Breaks!


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Welcome to the UA Live Break Room! We have a full breakdown of everything going on over at:
For more information, please click on the “New to Breaking” tab underneath our Live Break Video! There you will find everything you need to know about what is happening when we are live and breaking some awesome sports memorabilia!
We present Live Breaks on 3 separate social media channels, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch! Please feel free to leave us a comment during the stream if you ever have any questions.

Weekly Schedule:
Monday 8PM CST
Tuesday: 8PM CST
Wednesday: 12PM CST Lunch Break & 8PM CST
Thursday: 8PM CST
Friday: 8PM CST
Saturday: 2PM CST & 8PM CST
Sunday: 2PM CST & 8PM CST


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