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Town Hall Academy 184 Decade Car Repair in the Seventies


Decade the Seventies: Talking Auto Repair – THA 184

What was auto repair like in the decade of the seventies? In order to make this panel work, I needed to find aftermarket leaders that are still active in the industry and who were in the trenches in the seventies. I found them. And what you are going to hear is an incredible journey from their collective memories.

Listen to this cast: Mitch Schneider, Chris Chesney, Maylan Newton, Jerry Kezhaya, and Bob Pulverenti. Needless to say, this group had so much fun sharing their escapades as technicians or shop owners. Even if you weren’t a member of the class of the seventies you’ll appreciate the stories of how things were and without them, we wouldn’t have what we have today.

Key talking points and links to my guest’s previous episodes at


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