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The Ride With JMV – NCAA Tournament, NFL Free Agency, and More!


00:00 – 29:50 – JMV kicks off the show by talking about the Big Ten Tournament, which saw Purdue beat Penn State in the final and earn a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. He also talks about IU, their loss to Penn State in the Big Ten Tournament, and what we might see when they play Kent State on Friday in the Round of 64. He also talks about the Carolina Panthers trading up to #1 overall in the NFL Draft, and who they might be targeting.

35:13 – 52:45 – Zak Keefer of The Athletic joins the show as the initial stages of NFL Free Agency get underway! He gives his take on the Carolina Panthers trading up to the first overall pick, and how that might impact the Colts in their search for the next franchise quarterback. They also discuss if the Colts might make some moves in free agency.

1:09:19 – 1:28:14 – John keeps things rolling by previewing the NCAA Tournament, as well as by taking some questions from listeners online! Some topics of discussion are NFL Free Agency, what the Colts will do in the Draft, and the NCAA Tournament!

1:33:50 – 1:45:15 – John takes more questions online from listeners on all things Colts, Pacers, College hoops and more!

1:52:00 – 1:58:15 – John wraps up the 2nd hour of the show talking about the show The Last Of Us, which just closed out its first season last night. He also previews the week that is to come for the show, as well as looks at last night’s Oscar’s Ceremony!

2:03:40 – 2:29:36 – John is joined by Jake Query from Kevin & Query! The two of them get into what the Colts should do at the QB position now that the Panthers have traded up to the first overall selection. They also discuss if IU or Purdue got the short straw in their placement in the NCAA Tournament.

2:35:00 – 2:52:00 – Bruce Weber from the Big Ten Network joins the show to discuss the fallout from the Big Ten Tournament, as well as to give an expert preview of the upcoming March Madness action. They talk about Purdue, and what we might see from them in the tournament. They also discuss IU and their prospects.

3:03:30 – 3:24:11 – John closes the show out with some Anything Goes!

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