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Takoma Park, Maryland


February 1st 2022, the Sligo Mill Conservation Park has more dumping going on in its wood area. The town of Takoma Park, Maryland government officials say they are a green town but they can’t stop individuals from destroying the wooded areas. This is not rocket science but I used to understand how a government agency can’t or won’t do its job. I’ve reached out to the Montgomery County Park Service who is doing a hell of a job of keeping the green townparks clean. What the problem is they can’t do it alone and for this little greentown who claims that they are so green and natural there doing nothing. Where is the money that the taxpayers are paying in this little town for this government to do its job. This little town won’t come and clean the snow off the public sidewalk won’t come and pick up the trash where needs to be picked up but yet and still they want the taxpayers to pay this money to this town to do nothing. Citizens of Takoma Park Maryland it’s time for you to put your government officials in the garbage can because they are useless to the citizens of Takoma Park. Now don’t get me wrong you have some good people working in the government but the problem is the head of the snake makes the whole body look bad. Now they’re saying this snakehead wants to be a member of the Montgomery County city council. Citizens of Montgomery County you better think twice about electing this lady as a member of your city council. This is the same lady who told citizens and taxpayers they can’t drive down a public road, this is the same lady who told drivers they can park their vehicles in a Conservation Park. there is something not right in this little town of Takoma Park, Maryland.


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