Sullivan’s Crossing – Remorse/It’s a Wonderful Life (2-Part Season Finale) Review: A Long Awaited Moment and a Heart Wrenching Ending

The gripping two-part finale of Sullivan’s Crossing delivered an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Viewers experienced a wide spectrum of feelings, from sadness and elation to excitement and utter shock. True to form, showrunner Roma Roth, the queen of cliffhangers, left fans with a shocking and devastating ending that will surely leave them reeling through the hiatus. 

The tension kicked off right from the start. Sully was wracked with guilt and worry over Lola, desperately trying to reach her but only getting her voicemail. Maggie sensed something was off with her father, but Sully was ashamed and afraid to reveal the truth about his role in Lola’s accident. He was scared of losing Maggie again after just getting her back. 

Sully confided in Frank during a walk, sharing his fears about confessing to Maggie. Frank wisely advised that making amends is about accountability, not forgiveness. Sully realized he must face the consequences of his actions head-on, a significant step in his personal growth, especially as he resisted the urge to escape his problems with alcohol. 

Meanwhile, Maggie checked in on Cal and his sister. Cal invited Maggie to stay for breakfast, and she revealed her breakup with Andrew, which visibly relieved Cal. He told her about his plans to volunteer for Search and Rescue now that his Canadian residency has been approved, marking a fresh start for him. Cal’s motivation to help others is contagious, even inspiring Connie to pursue her happiness.
Jackson’s return added a delightful twist. His unique character brings a dynamic energy, and hopefully viewers will see much more of him next season. As Cal spoke to Connie about joining the Search and Rescue team, Connie opened up to him about her initial doubts about motherhood but how absolutely worth it it was, which left him feeling like he might be more suited for fatherhood than he realized.

“Remorse” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kogan as Maggie Sullivan and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

In another subplot, Jane offered support to Rob at the diner. She provides the companionship and assistance that he so desperately needs. Life is hard to go through alone, and Jane is just what Rob needs to finally be happy. Jane’s empathy and shared experiences with post-divorce life touched Rob deeply. Sydney’s return home, deciding to put New York in her rear view mirror, signalled a fresh start for her and a potential future with Rafe, despite his initial reluctance due to past heartbreak. 

The episode’s climax centred around Sully’s heartfelt confession to Maggie about his responsibility in Lola’s accident. Scott Patterson’s portrayal of Sully’s vulnerability was top-notch, as he conveyed the fear and regret over what this revelation could cost him. Despite her shock, Maggie affirmed her love and pride for him and stated that she admired his courage in telling the truth.
Maggie confronted a bitter Lola, who unjustly blamed Maggie for everything. Maggie tried to make Lola see Sully’s true intentions, but Lola’s selfish resentment clouded her judgment. 

Determined to face the music, Sully insisted on turning himself in, but Maggie convinced him to let Cal handle the legal aspects. Cal’s advice that pressing charges was up to Lola, offered a glimmer of hope. The episode took a dramatic turn when Lola revisited the accident scene, realizing it wasn’t Sully who hit her after all. Shock and relief hit Sully all at once as he realized that the guilt he carried for so long was now behind him and he could finally be set free. Lola’s realization also led her to apologize to Maggie for how she treated her, and she finally gave Maggie the note from Cal that she had intercepted. While reading the note aloud, Maggie realized that Cal came back to the Crossing for her. 

“Remorse” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved. 

The other main plot point of the finale was the Auction to sell the Crossing. As the auction loomed near, the community rallied together to try and save the Crossing from a greedy Glenn, who pulled his deal with Sully at the last minute, knowing it would be too late for Sully to come up with the cash he needed to purchase it on his own. The auction itself was intense. Maggie was stunned by the number of people who showed up, and Cal, as always, was her anchor, keeping her calm. Sully went to pick up a donation from an old friend and neighbour, Mary, played by the wonderful Jayne Eastwood. He needed her donation to stand a chance at winning the auction, but she was taking her sweet time, making him late for the auction. 

As Maggie and Cal waited anxiously, Maggie stood up and made an impassioned final plea to those wanting to bid on the Crossing. She shared how important the land is to her family, emphasizing that it is more than a campground—it is a home and a safe haven for the community. Her heartfelt speech resonated with the auction participants, who began handing Maggie their auction money as donations, recounting times when Sully was there for them. Glenn, however, remained firm in his quest to win the auction, embodying the greedy corporate figure who only cares about profit.
Despite their efforts, the auction began without Sully and the crucial donation. Glenn outbid them at $200,000 before Sully arrived. However, he was short of the cash he needed for the deposit and sent his associate to the bank to get it. 

Defeated, Maggie called Frank and Edna, urging Frank to go to the bank. Sully, disheartened, reflected on how he once rejected his father’s wishes to take over the Crossing, only to realize later the value of building a legacy.
In a clever stall tactic, Frank and Edna, carrying Finn’s jar of change, lined up in front of the man withdrawing Glenn’s money at the bank, successfully delaying him. This made Glenn unable to provide the deposit, which made Sully the winner of the auction. Sully was overcome with emotion as he realized he hadn’t lost his home, and the monumental burden had finally been lifted from his shoulders. He sweetened the victory by offering Frank and Edna to be official partners at the Crossing. 

A poignant moment unfolded as Sully, Cal, Maggie, Lola, Frank, and Edna prepared for the auction. Frank and Edna led the group in a smudge ceremony, an Indigenous tradition to cleanse the mind and soul by removing negative energy. The show has done a remarkable job incorporating Indigenous perspectives, reflecting the rich cultural fabric that is deeply woven into the essence of Canada.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones, Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan, Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan and Andrea Menard as Edna Cranebear. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Rob and Sydney’s subplot offered a heartwarming respite as they navigated their relationship challenges, with Sydney urging Rob to seize his chance with Jane. Sydney finally confided in Rafe about what occurred in New York with David, opening the doors for the two to rekindle their relationship. 

One of the best moments for viewers was a scene that had been a long time coming. Maggie arrived at Cal’s cabin, dressed up for the celebration party, and Cal told her she looked beautiful. As they were about to leave, Sedona called to say her minor surgery went well, which was a huge relief. Maggie then took a deep breath and told Cal that she is ready to take chances. She confessed that she wants to stay at the Crossing with him and, more importantly, that she is in love with him. Cal responded that he has loved her since the moment they met. They shared a passionate kiss, a moment that had been eagerly anticipated by fans. It was everything viewers hoped for and more, showcasing the deep connection and happiness they both deserve. Cal helps Maggie see the good in life, encouraging her to take risks and fight for her happiness. The culmination of their long-awaited confession was likely met with collective cheers from viewers across the country. The chemistry between them is palpable. It is rare to find a TV couple with so much organic chemistry and these two have it in spades. It will be exciting to see what happens with them as they embark on this new chapter together. 

But if viewers thought the episode was going to end on that blissful note, they must not know Roma Roth, who loves to add in shocking twists that leave viewers reeling. The episode delivered a shocking cliffhanger that most certainly stunned fans. The Shandon’s diner caught fire with Finn and Clover inside. As the flames engulfed the building, Sully and Cal rushed inside to save Finn, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as Sully remained trapped inside. The episode closed with Maggie’s desperate cries as the diner exploded, leaving Sully’s fate in question. Maggie’s screams were heart wrenching and the moment was a knife to the heart, especially after Sully had finally been relieved of his burdens and made amends with his daughter. This can’t be the end of Sully, can it? 

Thankfully, the series was renewed for a third season this week, ensuring viewers will get the conclusion they deserve. Although the hiatus will leave fans in suspense, there is hope that this won’t be the last we see of Sully. This finale wrapped up an incredible season filled with everything viewers love about the show: drama, genuine emotion, and relatable challenges that connect fans on a deeper level. Sullivan’s Crossing is special and comforting, a rarity in today’s TV landscape. We definitely need more shows like it. Until season 3, Sullivan’s Crossing fans, I will throw it to you one last time. What did you think of the finale? What was going through your head as Cal and Maggie FINALLY came together? Do you think this is the end of Sully? Share your thoughts in the comments below and as always, you can engage with me on Twitter/X at @middleofcanada.


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