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SNEAKER CLEANING on STAN SMITH CLASSIC ADIDAS Tennis Shoes in Baltimore 🇺🇸 (Unintentional ASMR)


SNEAKER SHOE CLEANING on white leather STAN SMITH ADIDAS with laces by cool shoe shiner Carlas. He is a shoe shiner inside the Amtrak Penn Station train depot.

Baltimore, Maryland 🇺🇸

Charm City is what Baltimore is nicknamed. Carlas sure does have the charm of the city. My Stan Smith tennis shoe trainers left feeling squeaky clean and happy.

Amtrak and Marc trains pass by nonstop, with trains to New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Virginia and more.

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Let’s keep the shoe shine worker’s going.

I hope you get some ASMR shoe shine relax from this.

Baltimore Penn Station
1500 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Music in this video:
Sizzurp GTS – Keep Jason Making Videos
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I hope you enjoy these Jason Rupp shoe shine videos from around the world. Hopefully they provide you entertainment, as well as shoe shine ASMR, unintentional ASMR, and ASMR relaxation.

Thank you,
Jason Rupp
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