SkyTunes Provides a Daily Weather Update With a Musical Twist

To begin, you can connect to either Spotify or Apple Music to begin.

Depending on the weather for the day, the songs sync and adjust lyrically. So on rainy days, you’ll hear rainy songs while on sunny days you can rock out to bright and happy songs.

It’s a fun way to hear new tunes you may not have heard before that matches up with what’s happening outside your window.

To break away from you local weather, you can add multiple locations from around the world and enjoy music that matches up the weather.

If you want to keep a weather-synced track close at hand, you can add a home screen widget and jam out with just a insole touch.

The app also supports Siri Shortcuts, so can even say “Siri, how does the weather sound like on SkyTunes” to start playing a song.

SkyTunes is designed for the iPhone. It’s a free download on the App Store now.

You’ll need a subscription to make use of all of the app’s features. That’s available for $1.99 monthly or $14.99 per year. There is a free, seven-day trial available.

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