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Russia Ukraine news LATEST — Olena Zelenska warns against ‘war fatigue’ as Putin’s losses surpass 90,000


Ministry of Defence provides further details on Russia’s brutal bombing campaign

The British Ministry of Defence has shared some new information regarding the Russian bombing of Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

The statement said: “Since October 2022, Russia has repeatedly attacked Ukraine’s electricity distribution grid, primarily with cruise missiles.

“This is likely the first example of Russia attempting to implement the concept of a Strategic Operation for the Destruction of Critically Important Targets (SODCIT), a key component of the military doctrine it has adopted in recent years.

“Russia’s strikes continue to cause power shortages resulting in indiscriminate, widespread humanitarian suffering across Ukraine.

“However, its effectiveness as a strategy has likely been blunted because Russia has already expended a large proportion of its suitable missiles against tactical targets.

“Also, with Ukraine having successfully mobilised for nine months, material and psychological effect of the SODCIT is likely less than if it was deployed in the initial period of a war.”

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