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RIP Kyrie Numba 11, Cougar Stories, Toronto Rappers Wildin & More | WE LOVE HIP HOP LIVE


This week Friday & Dusty Wallace! go through a list of current topics in the culture! Check out all the topics below! ⬇ COMMENT GANG STRONG! Let us know in the comments➡️ SUBSCRIBE

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:24 RIP Tina Turner
00:05:49 Oldest Cougar Stories
00:16:08 R.I.P. Kyrie Numba 11
00:35:55 Dusty Responds to Wild DM
00:37:46 Forbes Lists 10 Worst US Cities
00:49:22 Going On Opp Blocks Has Become Normalized
01:05:17 Man Gets Denied Use Of Bathroom for Race
01:26:18 UK Prankster Wouldn’t Get Away With This In Toronto
01:40:59 Conclusion


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