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Pres. Yoon calls for speedy expansion of S. Korea-Japan business cooperation


윤대통령, 일본 기업인들 만나, “양국 기업인들도 속도감 있게 협력을 추진바래”

President Yoon Suk Yeol has requested business leaders from South Korea and Japan to speed up the expanding of exchanges as the two countries are making progress in recovering the once-frayed relationship.
This came on Monday afternoon, as President Yoon invited Japanese businesspeople in Seoul for a conference with South Korean businesses.
Yoon said the cooperation can establish a steady supply chain in batteries, chips, and EVs.
He also requested efforts to boost exchanges among the younger generations, especially through the recently-created future partnership fund.
According to the top office, Mitsubishi Corporation chairman, Mikio Sasaki, who also chairs the South Korea-Japan Economic Association, showed his gratitude for the efforts made to restoring the bilateral relationship.
He also said expanding internship programs will lead to Japanese firms helping with exchanges among the younger generations.

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2023-05-15, 21:00 (KST)


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