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Pathogen Eating Flower Ruining Cannabis Crops from Coast to Coast; Minnesota is #23?


On Weed Talk News with Alaina Pinto this week, an evil bacteria is eating up cannabis and hemp crops from coast to coast. Botanists call it a Pathogen, but growers call it &#%@! Zoning battles in New York are heating up outside of the city upstate. Minnesota Governor is expected to sign the adult use legalization bill next week, and then become the 23rd legal state in the US. In Europe, Amsterdam shuts down its smoking cafes in that city’s “red light” district, Say it ain’t so Captain Hooter!!! Massachusetts Commissioners are ready to create the regulations for social clubs, but shut down a pilot program that never launched under the original CCC. Cannabis news from coast to coast on Weed Talk News with Alaina Pinto


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