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Most Beautiful Golf Course In Australia? Peninsula Kingswood


Erik Anders Lang kicks off his tour Down Under with one of the hottest, and most anticipated, new courses in the golf world right now; Peninsula Kingswood. EAL and Stuart are fortunate to be joined on the links by current US Mid-Am Champion, Lukas Michel, and renowned golf course architect, Mike Clayton. Mike tells Erik all about the design of Peninsula Kingswood, and his vision to make the course stand out from the crowd in an area that is already home to some of the finest golf courses in the world, including Royal Melbourne and Kingston Heath. Lukas describes how his whole life has changed since winning the US Mid-Am, booking himself a place at this year’s US Open and of course, a tee time at The Masters. Peninsula Kingswood adds to the host of incredible courses in Australia and really shines through – it is easy to see why it’s already held in such high regard, despite being so young.

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