macOS Sequoia will let you see your iPhone mirrored on your Mac’s screen

Apple’s macOS 15 update is called Sequoia. The 2024 Mac software, coming this fall, includes iPhone mirroring and notification, a new passwords app and Safari upgrades. Of course, it also includes Apple Intelligence. The new software was announced at Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote at Apple Park.

Like the company’s other 2024 updates, macOS Sequoia includes Apple Intelligence baked in — but only for Apple Silicon Macs with an M1 or newer chip. The system-wide writing tools will work in Mail, Notes, Pages and third-party apps. The AI composition features can rewrite text, proofread and summarize content.

Sequoia also includes Image Playground, Apple’s image generation tool. It lets you create “playful images” in several styles, including animations, illustrations and sketches. The feature is built into Apple’s core apps and has a standalone app.

Typing to Siri also arrives on the Mac in Sequoia, letting you switch between voice and text-based chats with the assistant. You can also use Apple Intelligence’s ChatGPT integration, which asks for user permission to send your requests to OpenAI’s bot.

iPhone mirroring lets you use your Mac to view, control and interact with your phone. It lets you access iOS apps and receive notifications from your nearby handset. Your iPhone screen stays locked in Standby mode (one of iOS 17’s updates) while you work on your computer.

macOS Sequoia featuresmacOS Sequoia features


macOS Sequoia also adds a new Windows-like snap window arrangement tool. Drag an app near the screen’s edge, and macOS will automatically suggest where to tile it. You can quickly place windows side by side or in corners. Sequoia will also include new keyboard and menu shortcuts to arrange tiles even faster.

Apple highlighted new video conferencing features in its WWDC keynote. Presenter Preview lets you see what you’re about to share with your call partner(s) before they see it, potentially saving folks some embarrassment. Meanwhile, Background Replacement (as its name implies) lets you swap out your real surroundings for built-in ones or your own photos in video calls.

1Password’s developers are likely squirming today with the introduction of Apple’s new Passwords app. Building on iCloud Keychain and the passwords previously buried in Safari’s settings (and system settings on iPhone and iPad), the standalone app will include all your saved credentials, verification codes and security alerts. It syncs across devices and will also appear on iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and even Windows (via iCloud for Windows).

Safari also gets some upgrades. These include Highlights, which automatically detect relevant info from webpages, and Summaries, which provide AI-fueled recaps of web content in a redesigned Reader mode.

macOS Sequoia has some gaming advancements, including improved Windows porting capabilities in Gameporting Toolkit 2. Apple said it will also be easier to port Mac games to iPad and iPhone, potentially giving developers an extra financial incentive to make or port titles for the Apple ecosystem.

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