Mac Network Security App Little Snitch 6 Arrives With DNS Encryption and More

And the app has just gotten better with the recent release of Little Snitch 6.

The first new feature is DNS encryption that will allow you to encrypt your server name to shield online activities from prying eyes. You can also make use of integrated blocklists that allows single-click installation to protect against unwanted connections.

Along with a modern UI, you can now access essential information from the app in the Menu Bar. From the control center, you can see recent activity, recently block connections, and more.

To better understand your Mac’s traffic, there is an interactive chart that will show clearly where the traffic is going.

For better idea about network activities, you can customize sound notifications as well.

During initial setup, you can now also automatically create rules for installed applications.

Other new features includes advance search and filters, rule groups, enhanced web application support, and improved firewall rules.

Little Snitch 6 can be purchased and downloaded now directly on the app’s site for $59 for a single license. Existing users can upgrade for a discounted price of $39. Anyone who purchased the app after January 1, 2024 can upgrade for free.

You can try out the app with a free demo mode that offers full functionality for three hours per session and can be reactivated as necessary.

It supports macOS 14 (Sonoma) and later.

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