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Ma & Pa RR Stations in Maryland (with classic pix)


NOTE: I uploaded this just as YT joined Google+. For some reason it’s not allowing me to answer comments! But a big Thanx to all those viewing…and commenting! Hopefully YT can fix their mess!!

Here are all remaining Ma & Pa RR stations south of the Mason-Dixon!

I had to catch the first of them, Homeland, on the fly! It’s a private home and I doubt the residents would be big on me setting up a tripod and photographing away (though, I would figure, they’d expect it to a certain extent)!

Then, like it or not, we view two stations shown in a previous vid (Glen Arm and Hydes). This way my viewers don’t have to go to another vid to view them!

Then on to Vale Station, which is unfortunately in decrepid state! Here some realigning of the main was done, moving it further from the station! I included a photo showing both alignments. The Vale freight station also still exists and is used now as a home.

Wet then check out one section of the Ma & Pa Trail in the Bel Air area. The Bel Air station is gone, but again I threw in a couple classic pix!

The last remaining station, going north, is Forest Hill-fortunately still there, and being upkept! It now serves as a hobby shop, but was a lawyer’s office for a while in the 1980s. And the sign disallowing commuter parking for a RR no longer operating is still there!

These are all the MD stations that are left unfortunately! The next ones are in Pennsylvania, and will be featured in a later vid. However, you can view one now! The Muddy Creek Forks PA station:

My original Ma & Pa “Here’s Your Sign” vid at Forest Hill:

Shot October 20 2013.


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