Lords Mobile’s Latest Collab Event Features Characters from THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV

Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui are the combatants making their way to the Kingdoms of Athena, and they’re looking to settle some scores, bang some heads, and distribute some sweet, sweet rewards.

During the event you’ll be able to claim a huge array of exclusive items, including Leader Skins, Castle Skins, Collab Avatars, Collab Emotes, a Guild Frame, and a selection of Artifacts.

There are all sorts of activities, too, including the Fighter’s Stadium—where you can earn exclusive rewards by collecting and piecing together photo fragments. These rewards include the Arcade Adventure Castle Skin, the Mai Shiranui Castle Skin, and more.

The Fighter’s Gym, meanwhile, dishes out items such as the Kyo Kusanagi Leader Skin, the Championship Belt, the Power Gloves, and more in exchange for Fighter’s Emblems.

Then there are the events themselves held on the official collaboration website.

At various points throughout the two-month collaboration you’ll be able to take part in time-limited events, the first of which begins on June 6th.

The Homecoming event, set to run from June 6th to June 19th, is an opportunity to win gift cards by inviting former allies (i.e. friends who haven’t played for a while) to return to the fray.

Fighters Faction War begins on June 13th and ends on June 17th. On each of those five days you’ll be able to complete specific quests in order to launch attacks on behalf of your faction and rake in tons of juicy rewards.

Next up, Fighters Puzzle. This one takes place between June 25th and June 30th, and sees you collecting puzzle pieces by completing quests. Finishing a puzzle nets you Fighter’s Blessing, and you can get additional Bonus Fighter’s Gift by taking on bonus quests.

At the end of this event, a lucky player will win the Fighter’s Bundle, which consists of a selection of physical prizes including a Pillow Hugging Figure set, an Oath Keeper figure, and a selection of branded items like an electric toothbrush, a keyboard and mouse set, and a vinyl record.

Last up, there’s THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV Showdown, which runs from July 17th to July 28th.

There will be three rounds over that period, each one letting you complete quests in order to earn points. The top 100 guilds will each receive an exclusive collab Guild Frame.

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