Live from Apple’s WWDC event

Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for: WWDC 2024 kicks off with Apple’s customary opening keynote. That’s where you’ll catch all the hot news about what the company is cooking up for the next 12 months. Fortunately for you, we’ll have (metaphorical) front-row seats to all the action, so point your .

— Dan Cooper

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Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to constantly monitor everyone’s desktop activity with its Copilot AI. Now everyone has pointed out the litany of reasons that’s a terrible idea, the Windows maker is backtracking. . Is that enough?



Summer Game Fest was an opportunity for Microsoft to refresh its console lineup with a new disc free Series X. . It’ll set you back $450 but, if you’re already in that territory, surely it’s better to wait for the disc-enabled Series X to go on sale, which it does quite frequently.

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