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January in Maryland : Lonely Blue Highway : Episode 1


LONELY BLUE HIGHWAY : EPISODE 1 : January in Maryland
It’s not a YouTube Channel, it’s a docu-SEAries !

Solo sailor Emily Greenberg gets caught in the CnD canal with an electric sailboat in the dead of a Mid-Atlantic winter–but has to sail anyway.

Calling all patrons of the arts! Ahoy! Welcome aboard the video diary of a sea punk. A grass roots collaboration between East Coast sailor + writer Emily Greenberg and renowned Seattle based visual editor Whitney Bashaw. Best friends for ten years since we were editors of our student newspaper together at our small college in upstate NY–and then 3,000 miles apart for most of our adult lives, Whitney and Emily are thrilled to be working together again. Whitney was born on a boat and has sailed on nearly every boat Emily has owned. Sails from Whitney’s mother’s old yacht have graced the stays of Emily’s small yacht decades later. Join us as we navigate modern media production, the high and low seas, to try and create something tangible.

Not sure where this is going? Neither are we..but stay tuned. Proper introduction + bios coming soon. Videos 2x per month! Upcoming videos include getting chased by a helicopter through New York City and a broken heart on the Chesapeake Bay.

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