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How to take pictures in Grand Theft Auto Five using Rockstar Editor


This video is a tutorial on how to take the best quality pictures in GTA 5 online and Story mode. It’s a tutorial designed for beginners and teaches you how to use Rockstar Editor on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Rockstar Editor is an easy to use feature within GTA 5 that allows you to view replays, capture photos and create videos.
Rockstar editor has loads of features but for this YouTube video I kept it simple.

For over 7 years I’ve been taking pictures in GTA 5 Online and story mode. Many people have messaged me asking how I do it, so here it is! Hope it’s been helpful!

If you do start capturing photos from gta or (any game) And upload it to social media, use my hashtag #fivethegamer so I can see it

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For new visitors: Welcome to my YouTube channel created for showcasing video game content. You’ll see videos from a wide variety of games included Grand Theft Auto 5 movies. I will be adding in the future: GTA 5 news, updates, montages , snapmatics, short videos, tips, car meets and lots of other GTA V content from both story and online mode. All content added will be from next gen consoles such as Xbox one, PS4 and the PC version for movies. Enjoy!


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