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How many times must Spotify step on a rake? – TechCrunch


Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Every Monday, Grace and Alex scour the news, and record notes on what’s going on to kick off the week. Today we had a fun mix of news, and things that made us laugh.

  • The Spotify-Rogan situation continued as last week ended, with more episodes of the show coming down. More apologies. And more of Spotify trying to straddle the difference between platform and publisher, while hoping to reap the rewards of both while not fully owning up to the responsibility.
  • Wag is going public, and my body is ready.
  • From the funding round front, we had quick notes on Swing, which raised a $24 million Series B, and Reliance Health, which raised a $40 million Series B.
  • And to close us out, an analogy about Facebook through the lens of Alphabet’s Other Bets line item.

Lots of Equity is coming this week, including our first live show of the year. It’s free and you can come hang out, watch us flub, and ask questions! See you Thursday!

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