Halle Berry’s Wardrobe Malfunction Causes Multiple Nip Slips

Halle Berry channeled her inner superwoman after battling her latest look.

The X-Men star shared a behind-the-scenes video of her recent wardrobe malfunction, in which she struggled to take off her black strapless corset and white button-down shirt by designer Anna Quan. As Halle told her stylist Lindsay Flores in a June 10 Instagram, “Let’s get this baby off.” 

But it was no small feat for the duo.

“Ow! B—h, there’s a zipper,” the Catwoman star pointed out as her stylist lifted up the shirt up but couldn’t get it over Halle’s head. “My boob! Why do you have me in this?”

Lindsay replied, “Because it looked good!”

Halle continued to wobble around the room with her arms bent over and her shirt raised above her chest, causing multiple nip slips. Plus, she kept her black pencil skirt with a thigh-high slit and matching stilettos on the entire time.

“Anna Quan,” the 57-year-old said, “we might have to cut this s–t off. It’s hurting me for real.”

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