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Gov. Hogan announces $1 billion Relief Act to support Maryland residents, small businesses


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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled a $1 billion bill called the Relief Act of 2021 which for the first time includes direct state payments to individuals to further support struggling residents and small businesses.

The governor said Monday he will introduce the bill as emergency legislation so it can take effect immediately allowing money to go to residents in need.

“This relief will go directly to more than 400,000 Marylanders in need and no application of any kind is necessary,” said Hogan.

Under the bill, $267 million will be allocated for direct stimulus payments to help Maryland residents in need. $180 million is for tax relief for laid-off residents, and $300 million is set aside for small businesses tax relief to save jobs.

Though some have called for $2000 state checks, Hogan’s plan includes total benefits of $750 for families and $450 for individuals. Those who qualified for the earned income tax credit last year would qualify for the stimulus check. In addition, Hogan’s relief plan would eliminate state and local taxes on unemployment benefits and give a $12,000 sales tax credit to small businesses.

The package must be approved by the legislature which comes into session Wednesday. Hogan hopes they move quickly.

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