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Future Bayswater SS#2 – Speaker 1: James Best – Community Visioning


Future Bayswater: Speaker Series #2, 4 August 2016
Urban design, planning, transport, sustainability, community engagement & market research relevant to the Bayswater town centre revitalisation.
Venue: Bayswater Hotel – Heritage Room
Introduction by: Paul Shanahan

Speaker : James Best
Why Does Baysie Need to ‘Evolve with the Times’ and be Thoughtful About the Future of our Descendants ?

How can the community, business and governments work together through a shared vision, collaborative action and good governance to achieve a positive future ?

Community Visioning acts as a catalyst in bringing people together, developing relationships, building trust and getting ‘buy-in’ about what we are for.

What can we do to ensure Bayswater does not become a place that is unsafe and unfriendly; divided socially, culturally and economically; with housing that is increasingly unaffordable for families, the young and old – and a town centre that lacks community soul…

James will talk about how Community Visioning puts locals at the centre of the conversation, using an approach that is safe (civil), informing, positive and future focused on what we need to do to make our place livable and resilient in the face of increasingly complex challenges.

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