Force of Nature Cleaner is as Powerful as Bleach WITHOUT Chemicals (+ Rare Deal on a Starter Kit!)

Force of Nature harnesses the power of natural ingredients and electricity to make a powerful, family-friendly cleaner!

Woman using Force of Nature cleaner to clean a mirror

Searching for a cleaner that’s safe AND effective? For a limited time, Amazon is offering digital coupons to score up to 20% off Force of Nature Starter Kits!

Each kit contains everything you need to start making your own chemical-free multi-purpose cleaning solution – all you have to do is add water! The result is a cleaning spray that’s as effective as bleach and safe to use on ANY surface with no rinsing.

Make the switch to Force of Nature with these deals…

A force of nature starter bundle with appliance, reusable spray bottle and refill capsules

Pay a little more to upgrade to a 1-year supply…

Force of Nature Starter Kit w/ 50 Refills $107
Clip the 20% off coupon
Opt to Subscribe & Save (up to 5% off + free shipping)
Final cost $85.60 shipped OR $80.25 shipped (5%)!

*Note that unlike typical Subscribe & Save orders, no additional discount will be given unless you have five or more subscriptions. However, you will still receive free shipping!

Each starter kit includes a Force of Nature electrolyzer appliance, a reusable 12oz spray bottle, and refill capsules. Just add 12 ounces of water and a capsule to the appliance to make your cleaning spray. It uses electricity to convert the salt, water and vinegar solution to a powerful natural cleaner that’s safe for people, pets, AND the planet! This all-in-one cleaner can be used to clean, deodorize and disinfect killing up to 99.9% of germs.

Once you’ve mixed the solution, it is recommended that you use it up within 2 weeks before it starts to lose potency. Most people use about a bottle per week, though, as it replaces several different household cleaners. The 1-year supply is truly an amazing value at just over $7 per month – that’s less than $2 each week! 🤩

Note that if you have hard water, you will need to use a water softener or reverse osmosis filtered water instead of tap water.

woman holding a spray bottle of force of nature cleaner

Sara can’t say enough good things about this cleaner…

“I have been using Force of Nature for well over a year and will never use another cleaner again! For starters, it’s the CLEANEST cleaner on the market and is highly effective. The ‘medical grade’ certification speaks for itself. The cleaner seemed intimidating to me at first, but it’s so simple and straightforward to make and use once you do it once. You literally fill the machine with water, squirt the capsule inside, and turn it on and wait for it to do it’s thing!

I’m always amazed at just how well the Force of Nature cleaner works on literally everything I’ve tried it on and it gives me so much peace of mind it’s actually disinfecting things. We have used Force of Nature in numerous areas of our home including: the kitchen, bathrooms, kids’ toys, teen sports equipment, mirrors, windows, laundry loads, and even really surprising places like our dehumidifier in the basement and to clean our hydroponic garden from top to bottom! I could go on and on about this cleaner, but ultimately, you just need to buy it if you’re still reading this! There will be no going back!” – Hip Sidekick, Sara


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