Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Set to be the Character’s First Gaming Collaboration

In case you haven’t played it, Claw Stars is a charming, highly addictive casual arcade game built around the core gameplay of claw grabber machines.

It sees you assuming the role of a super-evolved hamster that sets out on an intergalactic quest to free animals from the mysterious orbs in which they’ve become trapped.

Each stage involves lowering a claw into a mess of orbs and trying to grab all the best stuff. Animals that you rescue join your collection, and you’ll come across all sorts of other riches, discoveries, and collectibles as you hop from planet to planet saving the universe.

Usagyuuun, meanwhile, is an adorable white squishy who appears in stickers that you can install and send to friends using messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

More than 570 million Usagyuuun stickers have been downloaded so far, and an awful lot more than that have been sent. In fact, Usagyuuun is one of the most recognizable characters on earth, making it a tempting partner for a collaboration.

Claw Stars x Usagyuuun will place the happy white rabbit in the pilot’s chair, giving the super-hamster a well-earned break, and throughout the event you’ll have a range of Usagyuuun stickers to send to your friends over Squadron chat, just for kicks.

Writing in a press release, Appxplore CCO Lim Jenn Yu claims that “Usagyuuun fits perfectly into the Claw Stars universe”, and that doesn’t seem like a bad call to us—though we’re looking forward to seeing the collab in action when it goes live.

It seems there are more collabs in the pipeline, too. “I believe”, continues Lim Jenn Yu, “this is just the first step towards more long-term collaborations with Minto and possibly introducing new IPs across our games”.

Claw Star x Usagyuuun is happening some time in the next few months.

While you wait, you can download Claw Stars for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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