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City of Frederick officials warn residents about dangers of ice skating on Culler Creek | WDVM25 & DCW50


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Well, it is the winter season, and one of the lakes here in the City of Frederick is getting a lot of attention.

According to the release, the City of Frederick has seen an increase in people skating on Culler Lake in the past couple of weeks. Even though ice skating is a fun winter sport, officials warn that it is dangerous due to thin ice.
The release further states that at least one Frederick county resident fell through the ice while ice skating this past weekend.

The Frederick Police Department released this statement the…

“Frederick Police department realizes during these months when Carroll Creek freezes over, residents may be tempted to try to ice skate, or even venture onto the ice without skates, in the interest of public safety, we are imploring residents to please refrain from doing so and please instead choose a safer option.”

Chief of Police Jason Lando

Now officials are urging residents in the county not to skate on the lake behind me but to skate because the ice is just way too thin. They said if you want to ice skate, use one of the indoor facilities here in the county because that ice is a lot safer.

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