Black Ops 6 kicks it back to the ’90s on October 25

It’s Treyarch’s turn at bat for a big ol’ Call of Duty game, which means it’s time for a new Black Ops. Today we learned that Black Ops 6 will have a full campaign set in the 1990s that picks up (broadly) where the ‘80s-infused Cold War left off. Raven Software is actually handling the campaign, and is promising “globetrotting missions along with stealth gameplay mixed with blockbuster action. ” Sure sounds a lot like Black Ops!

Locations for the storyline include the Middle East, southern Europe, Russia and the US. For those deeply entwined in Blops’ gripping storyline, Frank Woods and Russel Adler will return for 6, and the story will be tied to the 1980s flashbacks in Black Ops 2. The campaign will branch out from an “expanded campaign hub” set in a safehouse where you’ll be able to “learn about allies, explore and solve puzzles, gather lore and upgrades” and, of course, select missions.

Multiplayer is the main event for most Call of Duty players, and is also the area where Treyarch typically excels. This year, the developers are talking up “omnimovement,” which will seemingly deemphasize linear strafing and movement in favor of a more fluid chained system. We didn’t see this in action — check the livestream above for that — but here’s a description from Activision:

“Omnimovement lets players sprint, slide, and dive in any direction, along with the new Supine Prone, the ability to rotate while prone, granting Black Ops 6 players more freedom of movement and tactical flexibility.”

And a screenshot called BO6_Multiplayer_Omnimovement.jpg that Activision sent over:



Rad! In terms of multiplayer modes, there’ll be 16 basic maps — 12 for six-on-six battles, and four Strike levels that support two-on-two and six-on-six matches. As pre-launch rumors suggested, Black Ops 6 marks the return of the classic Prestige gameplay for the most advanced players. Round-Based Zombies will also be in the game at launch with two all-new maps, Liberty Falls and Terminus. Activision promises more maps and modes post-launch.

Expect to hear a ton more about Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 as we get closer to its launch date — October 25, 2024. There’ll be a free Open Beta, with pre-orders granting early access as usual. It’s coming to PC (, Microsoft Store and Steam), Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles. No Nintendo Switch this time around — I guess Microsoft’s deal with Nintendo is predicated on the Japanese company having a console more powerful than a mid ‘10s smartphone.

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