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A talk about the recipe for mastering inner self | Your Bright Side | Mayank Bhasin| INSPIRO2021


Instead of searching for happiness everywhere, create your own. Uncover your Bright side and sink the dark one.

Mr Mayank Bhasin, (PhD Melbourne University and IIT KGP Joint, Founder and CEO Transenigma)
(Video Edited by Dwaipayan Haldar )
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Self-management is a set of techniques that enable people to better manage their own time and energy. These tips can help anyone become more self-aware and improve their self-management skills.

Success is not about owning all things we always wanted from the outside but it’s about having everything we need from the inside. It’s not about enjoying leisure activities all time, It’s about the excitation of your mind. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, just start with what you have today. Invest your time to learn experiences instead of things giving you temporary happiness.

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Wrong definition of success
1:10 Suicides in IITs
1:41 Man+age+men+t
2:39 Energy Wasters
3:12 Good dog & Bad dog within us
3:57 One Tragic suicide case in NIT
4:45 One Angry man did the greatest mistake of his life
5:42 4 levels of training

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