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$75 Pack 🔴 Pa Lottery Cash Scratch Off Tickets | $250,000 Top Prize


$75 Pack 🔴 Pa Lottery Cash Scratch Off Tickets | $250,000 Top Prize

I am the md scratch jedi and I scratch lottery tickets from the pa lottery, md lottery, nj lottery and many more. Join me on my scratch off journey as I hunt for a claimer jackpot! I do not promote gambling, however i am sharing the experiences of my journey and do not recommend that anyone follow the same actions and expect similar results. Play at your own risk and within YOUR limits at all times.

I go live every Sunday at 1:50PM ET where i scratch a full book of scratch off tickets from the pa lottery. I post videos once a day and occasionally a midnight video for my night owls which include crosswords and other fun tickets. Please consider hitting that subscribe button and ring the notification bell so you don’t miss any fun content!

To send fun mail, please send to
MD Scratch Jedi
PO Box 744
North East, MD 21901

Any other questions can be sent to


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