3 Fun Marketing Ideas to Raise Engagement (Dimensional Mail Marketing)

Looking for fun marketing ideas? Is your business looking to move away from the standard, digital-only marketing strategy? Dimensional print marketing campaigns offer a range of innovative direct mail products designed to captivate and engage recipients. This is particularly valuable in the home services industry, but raises awareness about any brand. Here are three standout options that are both fun and effective for marketing campaigns:

1. Pop-Up Cube Mailer

pop out cube mailer

The Pop-Up Cube Mailer is an engaging and interactive direct mail product. When opened, the flat mailer transforms into a three-dimensional cube, surprising and delighting recipients. It’s perfect for catching attention and creating a memorable experience. The cube can be customized with various designs and branding, making it a versatile tool for promotions and announcements. This marketing piece is excellent for homes services marketing including HVAC services, solar companies, and much more. When used within our Dominate a Neighborhood (DAN) program, for example, where creating an engaging communication and an offer no homeowner can refuse.

2. Video Brochures

video mailer direct mail engaging marketing product

Video Brochures combine traditional print with digital media to create an unforgettable marketing piece. These brochures feature an embedded video screen that plays automatically when opened. They are highly effective for demonstrating products, sharing customer testimonials, or presenting company overviews. The integration of multimedia content makes them a powerful tool for engaging recipients and conveying complex messages in an accessible format. These make for an amazing way to help educate homeowners and potential customers on what your brand offers.

3. Extendo® Mailer

Large Extendo dimensional print fun marketing ideas

The Extendo® Mailer is a dynamic direct mail piece that extends to reveal additional content when pulled. This unique format is great for storytelling, as it allows for a sequential presentation of information. The expanding sections can feature different aspects of a product or service, providing an interactive and engaging way to deliver a message. The Extendo® Mailer is perfect for product launches, event invitations, trade shows, home services specials, and detailed promotions.

R.L. Roberts II Design offers innovative direct mail products, like the Pop-Up Cube Mailer, Video Brochures, and Extendo® Mailer customized designed , offer creative and impactful ways to connect with audiences. These dimensional mailers not only grab attention but also enhance the recipient’s experience, making your marketing efforts stand out in a crowded landscape. Fun marketing ideas only start with these great products; there are various options, tactics, strategies, and designs to craft the best campaigns.

Need assistance or interested in hearing more about these type of product offerings? We design and procure entire direct mail marketing campaigns.

For more information and to explore these products further, visit R.L. Roberts II Design.

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