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100 "WTF" Facts


There are weird facts, facts that are hard to believe, and then there are facts so strange all you can do is say, “huh?” In this episode full of odd facts, you’ll learn about Russian space porn and CIA-bankrolled animated films.

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Getty Images:
Jaki Brown (Phillip Faraone)
Leah Daniels Butler (Araya Doheny)
Pumpkins (photo by Pam Susemiehl)
Shakespeare (brandstaetter images)
Michael Crichton (Leonardo Cendamo)
Michael Jordan (Paul Natkin)
King Harald (Print Collector)
Bluetooth quote (warodom changyencham)
Buried alive (Hulton Archive)
Talking to friend (Klaus Vedfelt)
Smoking (Oliver Helbig)
Lonely (Milamai)
Brahe (Apic)
Kepler (Hulton Archive)
Panty hose quote (Image Source)
Steve Young (Patrick Smith)
Brigham Young (Hulton Archive)
Joseph Smith (Library of Congress)
Garden of Eden (Francis G. Mayer)
Al Roker (Jamie McCarthy)
Kravitz (Gotham)
White House (Rudy Sulgan)
Commando quote (Win Nondakowit / EyeEm)
Blahnik (GP Images)
Shoe quote (Peter Dazely)
Perineum (Brandon Pack / EyeEm)
Frogs (Oxford Scientific)
Frog shed quote (Paul Starosta)
Kitten (fotograzia)
Maryland flag (Joseph Sohm; Visions of America)
Jousting (David Trood)
Henry VIII (Fine Art)
Potatoes (Massimo Rivera)
Poland (Paul Almasy)
Balloon (J Studios)
Stalinist Russia (Heritage Images)
Turkey (Thomas Fricke)
Turkey country (omersukrugoksu)
Mummy (Print Collector)
Rudyard Kipling (Hulton Deutsch)
Scotland unicorn (Pierre Longnus)
Bhutan flag (Jeremy Woodhouse)
Highsmith (Ulf Andersen)
Goodyear blimp (Mike Mulholland)
Manilow (United Archives)
Beyonce Lemonade (Dan MacMedan)
Mozart (Hulton Archive)
Sneeze (Trevor Williams)
Blink (Hans Neleman)
Tapeworm (Agency-Animal-Picture /)
Tapeworm2 (Agency-Animal-Picture /)
Dawson’s Creek (Getty Images)
Scream (Noam Galai)
Johnny Cash (Hulton Archive)
Birthday (Prasit photo)
Whale (Daniel MacDonald /
Smartfood (Bryan Bedder)
Rankin (Library of Congress)
Astana (SasinT Gallery)
Cannibalism (Paul Ganier)
Superdome (Mario Tama)
Jenga (Leong Thian Fu / EyeEm)
Hippo (Wolfgang Kaehler)
Hippo water (Wolfgang Kaehler)
Snail (Nugroho Ridho)
Ostrich kick (duncan1890)
Ostrich quote (Mary Ann McDonald)
Dandruff (Sirinate Kaewma / EyeEm)
Louis XIV (Photo Josse/Leemage)
Fistula quote (Paul Biris)
Steinman and Meatloaf (Michael Putland)
Food waste (Jose A. Bernat Bacete)
Pringles (Joe Raedle)
Pringles quote (SOPA imaes)
Breathalyzer (Finnbarr Webster)
Morton’s toe (Veronique Beranger)
Solar system (Steve Allen)

Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain
Charleston Chew (Evan-Amos)
Safety coffin (Yomangani)
Adolf Frederik (Nationalmuseum (Sweden))
Sally Ride (NASA)
Animal Farm (Rezonansowy)
Burne Jones (PKM)
Shel Silverstein (Yeeno)
Seabrook (Walter Anton)
Scolds quote (Ealdgyth)
Cooper (Nonenmac)
Fillmore (MrNoobNub2)
Alcala (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)
Stump (Beyond my Ken)
“The She Wolves of Jülich”, 1591 (Bayerisches National Museum Munich)
Borden (Scewing)
Condensed milk (Morgan Riley)
Felix (Ruthven)
Montespan (Guise)
Montvoisin (Guise)
Black mass (Mladifilozof)
Isabeau (British Library)
Ball fire (Gallica)
Christian VII (Frederiksborg Slot)
Christian quote (Villy Fink Isaksen)

CC 2.0
Semla (Frugan)
Sea slug (Bernard Dupont)

CC 3.0
Calderon (FDV)
Tectonic plates (Sting)
Requieum sharks (Pterantula)
Ghost slug (©Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales)
Scolds bridle (Anagoria)
Castoreum (H. Zell)
Beavers (Moxfyre)

CC 4.0
Elijah Jefferson Bond (Something Original)
Sloth (Daniella Maraschiello)
Nazarbayev (
Polyakov (
Pringles chips (Famartin)


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