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ইন্ডিয়া এলার্ট বাংলা || এপিসোড 217 || Kalyug Ke Rishtey ( কলিযুগের বন্ধন ) || Enterr10 বাংলা


ইন্ডিয়া এলার্ট বাংলা || এপিসোড 217 || Kalyug Ke Rishtey ( কলিযুগের বন্ধন ) || ইন্ডিয়া এলার্ট Enterr10 বাংলা

India Alert Bangla Episode 217 Kalyug Ke Rishtey
This episode of India Alert Bangla revolves around Ramprasad’s sons Jay and Vijay. Both the brothers were extremely opposite in nature, Jay was an irresponsible and negligent person whereas Vijay was an extremely responsible and ideal son. Ramprasad being the father was always worried about Jay because of his careless attitude towards his career. Vijay was going through some loss in his business and that is when Jay thinks of a new business plan. He demands for money from his father to execute his new plan but his father refuses him. Later one day, Vijay requests his father to help him financially to which he agrees. Jay felt aggravated by this and decided to kill his father. Will he kill his father? To find out, stay tuned !

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